The CSC Promise

Your Trusted Team of Startup Experts

All under one roof, CSC offers extensive end-to-end services where CSC’s integrated teams work with startup founders to move them from an idea to the growth stages of business development. By having all of the services offered in-house, CSC works under the direction of the founders and provides professional, personalized recommendations at every stage of building your business.

Integrated Services

Everyone is familiar with human error. That is why CSC offers comprehensive end to end services through 10 integrated divisions. This means you get the best in the industry developers, mentors, corporate and intellectual property lawyers, accountants, and more in a seamless and integrated manner to foster an efficient and consistent business process.

Ecosystem Connections

Connecting people is our motto. We connect fantastic and talented entrepreneurs with prolific investors and help people develop and scale their ideas into profitable businesses with vision and execution.CSC offers a team of mentors and advisors of over 40 people that leverage experiences from various industries and countries around the world.

Rapid Delivery Teams

When it comes to startups, speed is of the essence. We follow the startup credence of agility and efficiency to our core. Our teams are trained to ensure rapid delivery for our clients. Aligned with this prerogative is our adherence to tried and tested process that makes efficient and reliable processing possible.

Program Compliance

We only work with the best. Our resident experts are leaders in their niches and are prominent figures in their industry. These individuals are decorated professionals and are even called upon by the Government Of Canada and various corporations to help create and maintain regulations and ethical standards.

Advanced Ideation & Equity Purchase

With our high-performing system of domain experts and rapid delivery teams, our partners can help you envision a realistic image of the future of the economics of your industry and help you create a practical roadmap for your next billion-dollar idea. Alternatively, CSC provides consultations and can facilitate the purchase of equity in various startups.

A Team Like Family

CSC acknowledges that starting a business takes significant time and financial resources. The CSC team approaches founders like family, and believes in full transparency and care throughout the process.

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