Fundraising & Capital Advisory

At Canada Startup Co., we help you with all your Fundraising and Capital Raising endeavors, with full-fledged services ranging from pitching to potential investors to accounting and managing paperwork.

Before the Seed Stage

Before going to the seeding rounds, it is essential to set up your accounts with the appropriate jurisdictions. The startup and entrepreneur are two separate entities, and all legal tenders should reflect the same.

We help you work on a Founder’s Agreement and provide other startup exclusive services like Market Research, Business Planning Assistance, Light-Touch CFO Advisory Services, General Accounting, System Set-up, VAT implementation. We also provide introductions and recommendations to various incubations centers all over Canada to help you scale your business up faster.

After Raising Angel Investment Funding (Through Friends and Family):

Post the initial funding stages; we guide you through the creation of a financial model of evaluation. We help you create an initial investor pitch, complete with presentations and speeches. Along with that, we also help you draft shareholder agreements and provide CFO advisory during the raising process.

In this era of short attention spans and increasing competition, marketing is crucial. Hence we also provide CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Services to our clients. Networking and fostering connections is also vital, and we get you introductions to companies and individuals that could end up being potential investors for your business.

During Series A

We help produce financial statements during the Series A funding rounds and provide risk-free options for raising cash-flow and asset management debt. We track and monitor all KPIs to present to the board and your investors. We also offer CFO services to our clients.

Managing human resources is one of the most complex parts of running a business. Hence we also provide HR consultancy to our clients to ensure that their teams, systems, and processes are all in place and geared up for maximum efficiency and growth. We also assist in recruiting and providing hiring services for key personnel, both before and after the raising phase.

When it comes to raising funds, connections are always meaningful. Hence we also provide and encourage potential introductions to companies, family offices, and fund managers who advise on investment or invest directly in your business.

With all businesses come legal hoops and paperwork. We provide you with trustworthy and effective contacts for cost-effective legal support before, during, and after the raising process.

Exit and Acquisition

In the likelihood of an exit or acquisition, we assist your internal team in due diligence and preparations. We create a financial model and help you finalize your valuation. We also provide CFO services for advisory regarding exit strategies. Ensuring that you have the proper legal support during the exit or acquisition is of prime importance.

We also provide assistance and consultancy services for managing negotiations and dealings with the buying party.