MVP & Prototype Development

Cutting-edge organizations—be it startups, SMBs, or big corporations—all have practically the exact requirements. They need their tasks to be finished rapidly, with no issues, and with the highest possible outputs. For nearly ten years, Canada Startup Co. has had a proven track record of successfully delivering on these startup needs, whenever and wherever.

To assure a high-level work output, we created a company-wide cycle cultivating an intrinsic culture of value, advancement, and uprightness in improving management. This process efficiently ships our clients’ benefits by utilizing the least time possible without exceeding financial constraints.

This cycle is designed to bring together the scrum managers’ efforts, the management brass, programmers, designers, UI/UX team, testing specialists, and partners. This collective effort guarantees that the final shippable product is excellent. Through this process, Canada Startup Co. has been putting organizations on the fast track to digital excellence.

Complete Transparency

Being on the same wavelength with our customers is a significant advantage for both sides. Our transparent processes help us understand our customer needs much better, enabling us to devise better solutions for their requirements. For most issues that our customers face, there are numerous workarounds. Recognizing the correct structure and validating it with customer needs occurs in the initial stages.

UI/UX Design

Having a better process can tackle many issues. Amazing frameworks can charm any stakeholder. This is the one saying that Canada Startup Co. lives by. We unequivocally accept that having a practical UI/UX plan while building an MVP is the foundation for making it work. We follow a tried-and-tested research process that progresses through thorough research, structure, prototyping, testing, and process estimations. This framework helps us chart an excellent start-to-finish MVP that fulfills the customer’s needs.


The end objective of a product is to guarantee that it takes care of the issues and accomplishes the various goals for which it is made. As an aspect of our product improvement measures, we create different programming models dependent on UI/UX findings and structuring stage discoveries. These models are rough iterations of the final product – downsized working models, and so forth, which can be further developed to create shippable products.


Once the prototype models are completed, they are further improved with the Improvement Cycle. Depending on the location and other decisive factors, our designers will add newer and better product features. We keep a thorough check on the output quality during the entire process duration. This guarantees that the final product is 100% go to market-ready and is fit to be shipped,

Quality Assurance

Quality is not an act; it is a habit. At Canada Startup Co., we consider quality to be an integral part of our culture – and company in extension – and not just a superficial parameter. We have a group of highly-qualified and experienced quality testing engineers who perform various intensive tests like penetration tests, smoke tests, and more to guarantee that the final product is fit for sale to the end consumers. Our QA cycle deals with removing any bugs that have gone unnoticed during improvement. We test the product from the client’s perspective to guarantee that nothing is awry when the product is finally shipped to the customers.


Once the product moves past the quality checks, our senior engineering team will start working on the product development cycle. Depending on customer feedback or product roadmaps, the process begins at ground level, slowly making its way through the entire product development process. All functions that deal with sharing and code databases will likewise arise here. After the development processes are completed, the product can be used for practical scenarios.


Customer relations are not just a one-time thing. We understand the importance of having a solid community and customer support service. As a client-driven organization, Canada Startup Co. offers round-the-clock help and support for customers after their purchase. Our supportive networks guarantee that your products stay dynamic and practical, with no glitches. We regularly update ourselves to ensure that you are fully informed about essential security refreshes, framework overhauls, and so on.