Our Role

What is our role?

At Canada Startup Company, we offer co-creation and consultancy services for high potential entrepreneurs.

At Canada Startup Company, it is our duty to:

  1. Ensure the applicant meets the qualifications of the startup visa program
  2. Guide applicants through procedures to obtain the letter of support
  3. Provide consultancy services based on the applicant’s background and qualifications
  4. Assist with interview preparation and presentation to the incubator
  5. Obtain the letter of support

Your Duty

What RCICs and Immigration Lawyers Do

As a RCIC, it is your duty to:

  1. Submit application to the case processing centre of IRCC
  2. Monitor application at IRCC
  3. Obtain documents necessary to satisfy the requirements of the IRCC

The Client

What Does Your Client do?

  1. Complete forms and hand over documentation necessary to complete the incubator process.
  2. Dedicate time towards meeting with our team at CSC to complete the process in a professional and business-like manner
  3. Work with CSC in the co-creation of the company by providing active and ongoing involvement in the process
  4. Work with CSC through ongoing and active management of the business from within Canada.