Mar 28, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose the Start-Up Visa Program

These are the following 5 reasons why you should choose the Start-Up Visa Program:

  1. Direct route to PR with optional WP Canada’s Start-Up Visa program allows immigrant entrepreneurs to apply directly for Canadian permanent residence. Compared to traditional immigration programs, you are not required to obtain a work permit or temporary travel visa before receiving your permanent residence. The Startup Visa Program also does not rely on the express entry system, meaning that those who do not qualify for Express Entry to Canada may still qualify for the Startup Visa Program. There is an eight fold increase in the speed of processing permanent residence applications in Canada and the backlog continues to decline.
  2. Up to 5 people per business The Start-Up Visa program is for immigrant entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Canada. If your business is run by multiple people, the Start-Up Visa Program allows up to 5 foreign nationals to apply as owners of the entity. As a result, you do not need to worry about altering the management of the business.
  3. Great option for those who don’t qualify for express entry Start-Up Visa is a great alternative to the Canadian express entry program. If you already have a qualifying business, you can start your immigration process by receiving a letter of support from a designated organization. To be eligible for an application, you need a CLB 5 level of proficiency in English, a high school diploma, a clean history, and a great business idea.
  4. Dependents under 22 included in application The Start-Up Visa Program allows you to include family members on your application for a work permit and permanent residence. Your child only needs to be under 22 before the application is submitted. This helps you consider your family’s needs before migrating to Canada. You can use this opportunity to find great schools for your kids, and take advantage of Canada’s universal health care system.
  5. Live and work anywhere in Canada Canada’s Start-Up Visa program allows you to establish your venture anywhere in Canada excluding Quebec. This prevents you from being tied to a specific location. If you’re looking to establish a tech venture, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia are the best places to start. Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia are known for their tech talent and vast tech startup companies.