Feb 10, 2021

Canada Immigration updates for 2021

Canada’s Immigration Program is now Big, Bigger, and Better than ever

On 30th October 2020, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister of Canada Marco Mendicino has announced unprecedented immigration levels that will be applicable from 2021-2023.

The Canadian government now aims to boost their economy with the help of immigrants coming on the grounds of skilled workforce and business immigration programs as these potential immigrants can influx job market, drive economic growth, create innovation, and revive Canadian Economy from Pandemic.

The year 2020, was the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, which continues to have a remarkable impact on the Canadain Economy and Canada’s Immigration process as well, Though in 2019 Canada welcomed around 3,41,000 immigrants and it was a highly successful year for immigrants as in this year Canada welcomed more than 10,000 immigrants which were above the actual target, but as Covid-19 emerged in Canada 18th March 2020 onwards Canada had closed its international boarders to safeguard their citizens and minimize the spread of Coronavirus, and due to this Canada’s 2020 Immigration plan almost washed-off.

Canada’s Immigration during 2020 and post-pandemic

Despite the outbreak of Covid-19, immigration offices were still working and we’re accepting applications from all around the world. The Canadian government recognized quickly and tried to fill in the demand and supply gap to enhance economic recovery.

Considering the fact that,

  1. Canada has one of the world’s oldest population and with people over the age of 60 years accounts for almost 18 percent of the Canadian Population
  2. And also one of the world’s Low birth rate i.e. around 1.47 per couple

The government of Canada had recognized the problems in the early stage and they believe that to cope-up with these issues - welcoming more immigrants can be an effective solution.

According to many surveys, Canadian Citizens and the government of Canada both believe that immigrants make Canada a better country to live in.

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So far, Canada’s immigration system will not fully recover from the pandemic, until it gets eradicated. Though In December 2020 Canada be gained its biggest and Largest Vaccination drive in history and it aims to vaccinate all those who want vaccine inoculation within a year i.e. by September 2021, and to recover from the loss Canadian government has announced a plan to boost the immigration program to a great extent. Fortunately, the Immigration draws like express entry draw, Provincial nominee program are still going on.

Good News for all the potential immigrants is that three years starting from 2021 onwards will be the best 3 years for potential immigrants who want to immigrate to Canada on the various profile which is on the Work permit, Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), Business Immigration and others as well.

Starting from 2021, Canada has announced that it will welcome 1.2 Million Immigrants in various profiles in the span of three years only.

So, the government has segregated upcoming three years immigration levels, which are:

  1. In the year 2021 - 4,01,000 New Immigrants
  2. In the year 2022 - 4,11,000 New Immigrants
  3. In the year 2023 - 4,21,000 New Immigrants

This is the greatest immigration program target in the past 100 years. As, In 1913, was the time Canada welcomed more than 4,00,000 immigrants in a year, after that Canada has never come close to that figure again in a century. Under, The new immigration plan for 2021 - 2023, it plans to welcome around 60 percent of immigrants on the economical class program, which includes the Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The government of Canada has outlined the most important immigration announcement for potential immigrants. The new immigration plan states the number of new permanent residents that the Canadian government wants to welcome each year under specified categories.

Canada welcomes immigrants as permanent residents of Canada under various categories that are: economic, family, refugee, and humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

According to the government of Canada’s official website Canada.ca, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released details on the Government of Canada’s 2021-23 immigration plan.

Under the new immigration plan, in total 1.2 million immigrants will be welcomed as permanent residents in Canada, that they will be bifurcated under various categories, which are:

Under the Economic category

  1. Federal High Skilled workforce category will welcome around 1,10,000 immigrants each year
  2. Federal Business immigrants will sum up to around 1,250 each year
  3. Economic Pilots: such as Caregivers, Agri-Food Pilot, Rural immigration and Northen Immigration Pilot will comply around 10,000 immigrants
  4. Atlantic Immigration Program will welcome up to 6,500 immigrants each year
  5. Provincial Nominee Program will also allow around 81,500 immigrants each year

Under Family Category

  1. Spouse, Partners, and Children immigrants will account for up to 81,000 each year
  2. Parents and Grandparents will sum up around 24,000 each year

Under Refugees and Protected Person Category

  1. The protected person in Canada and dependents abroad immigrants will be around 24,500 each year
  2. Government assisted Refugees will account for up to 12,500 each year
  3. Privately sponsored Refugees will be around 22,500

And under Humanitarian &Compassionate grounds and others will account for 5,500 immigrants to Canada each year till 2023. And click here for more information.

Highlights of the New Immigration Program and Announcements.

  1. The new immigration program for 2021-2023 is aimed to coverup the shortfall of the 2020 immigration program.
  2. Bonus 50 points under Express Entry Program it’s recently announced that additional points will be allotted to Language skills and especially French Speaking Candidates.
  3. The government has announced that they will more focus on sustainable development and completely digitize the Canadian Immigration Process to improve its efficiency
  4. The New Immigration plan will be more economic focused as it will intake around 60% of under Economic Class.
  5. Acknowledging the diverse labor and demographics demands across the state, Canada will continue to focus on Immigration and Innovation drove measures.

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