Mar 02, 2021

Best Tips to get your startup funded by Canadain Investor

Getting Funding from Investor is a dream for every entrepreneur, when commencing a startup But, to achieve this dream investment in your startup is not that easy

The Federal government of Canada is endeavoring so much to amplify the growth of startups in Canada and also to help entrepreneurs secure initial funding for commencing their business. The government has created hundreds of programs to stimulate funding programs for startups and simultaneously boost the economic growth of Canada.

However, the efforts of the government are worthless if the entrepreneurs are not able to acquire funding from funding programs and Government Designated Canadian Investors.

According to American Economist Peter Navarro, Only 5-10% of companies seeking Angel Investment are successful.

Use the tips that are mentioned further to get your startup eligible for Investor Funding You as an entrepreneur should ideally follow the tips that are as follows:

Strong Idea backed by Strong Foundation

Get your basics right, once you have a great problem-solving idea that is backtested

Then before opting for funding you should analyze your business value by answering the following questions:

  1. Why should someone buy your product/service?
  2. Your Target Audience (TG)?
  3. Are you solving market needs?
Now, after answering and analyzing all these questions,
Is your Business Idea worth getting funding?

Get your business ready - Plan, Strategize, Survey

Once you know your business better after analyzing all feasibility factors.

Now, its time to plan it out, and strategize it using various business implementation strategies, Do a ground/reality check by doing a survey. Now create a presentable business model and then Calculate your business worth by analyzing the investments, potential risks, forecasting revenue and margins, and future break-even point timings.

A properly Planned and Researched startup idea will give the entrepreneurs an edge over other funding seekers

Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimum viable product is a type of product that is developed from scratch with all major features to serve initial clients. Investors are more interested in investing their capital in a startup that at least has created a prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

If you don’t have any idea about MVP development click here to know more

MVP development can make a big difference from - Getting your Dream Funding and Sorry, not interested.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge/support to convert your idea to an actual working product then you should contact experienced MVP development professionals at Canada Startup Co.

Prepare Business Pitch

Investors are very precise about time management, so to convenience them with in a minute is what you should aim for. So, Plan and prepare Elevator Pitch, Prepare a brief story about your business plan which should include the following:

  1. The problem in the market
  2. Your solution
  3. Brief Plan
  4. Growth opportunity

Prepare everything with Due Diligence

You are not alone seeking funds for your startup, Plan and Prepare a flaw-less strategy for your startup. Investors want you to include all the requirements for your business let it be Financial as financial statements, Legal necessities like business registration, and other legalities requirements.

In short, you should have the answers to the questions that investors ask for

Get foreign investors to invest in your Startup

Once you have gone through all the steps and tips mentioned above, then your startup is in a better position than others to get investments from investors around the globe.

Network with International Investors

In today’s world, you have plenty of options available to connect with investors worldwide by networking with potential investors for your startup at international conferences, meetups, business shows, chamber of commerce events, funding competitions, and many more

Moreover, you can also connect via online platforms like Linkedin.

However, networking with investors is different from getting an investor to invest their money in your startup. Here, Canada Startup Co. can help you leverage our connections with potential investors

Approachable Mediums to Acquire Funding

In Canada, there are many ways to approach to acquire funding for your startup

We have listed down some of the well-known funding sources for startups in Canada, that are:

Startup Incubators Program

Startup Incubators or Accelerator programs can be a great way to acquire funding for your startup, Generally, these types of programs are organized to help entrepreneurs grow and acquire funding for their startup without compromising on business stake/equity.

You can check out Canada’s biggest startup incubator programs that are shortlisted by digital

Participate in international startup competitions

Abundance of startup competitions is organized every year on a global level to provide a platform for investors and entrepreneurs and help startups acquire funding from all over the world.

In addition to acquiring funding, entrepreneurs have the advantage of networking with fellow mates, top investors, business mentors as well

Angel Investors

Angel investors are known as saviors in the startup world as history says that angel investors have helped many startups in their way forward, now that are among the top startups in the world - Google, Airbnb, Paypal, Uber, and many more

Angel investors are risk takers that invest in your startup at a very early stage and leverage the growth opportunity.

Government Grants

The government of Canada is giving numerous types of grants, loans, and benefits to entrepreneurs around the world to commence their startup in Canada.

As, the Canadian government has aimed to strengthen startup culture, entrepreneurs in Canada to boost their economic growth.

You need to follow these steps to comply with the procurement of funds process for your startup.

In today’s world, Investors are looking for startups that have great potential to make a good return on their investment not in Canada only but in other countries as well like India, China, Europe, the USA, and more.

So, if you have a business idea for your startup and looking for Government Designated Canadian Investor, We at Canada Startup Co. can help you network and connect with potential investors from Canada.

In 2014, according to a report by Fortune, Nine out of ten startups fail. This means 90% of startup fails and the major reason for failure is Unable to secure funds or Insufficient capital.

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