May 27, 2022

Canada Startup Company Attends The 2022 National Citizenship and Immigration Conference

Commitment to Excellence: Strategies, Solutions and Successes: The Next Chapter

The National Citizenship and Immigration Conference (NCIC) is an annual conference serving as one of the most important events of the year and a leading platform for exchanging ideas for Immigration practitioners and Industry Stakeholders. NCIC remains the most comprehensive conference of its kind in Canada and this year’s excellent lineup of industry speakers included more than 30 top-level industry experts. This event included government speakers, immigration consultants, and immigration lawyers participating in various panel sessions based on knowledge and experience. The NCIC 2022 included discussions on key industry topics: the sessions ranged from industry updates, policy changes, and panels on navigating digitization and online portals to discussions on cross-border opportunities to mock hearings and sessions. Many updates and tips were provided as a path to move from survival to success making it the premier conference in Canada for immigration practitioners.

This year May 26th and 27th, 2022 marked NCIC’s 17th annual national conference called Commitment to Excellence, which helped participants navigate through this rapidly changing industry.

Our CEO and Founder of Canada Startup Company Ajay Malhotra, along with Senior Partners Megan Tuck and Alban Jerome attended the prestigious two-day event in Ottawa. At this invigorating conference, Ajay and Megan were invited as industry experts to speak on Technology and Portals as they relate to immigration. Ajay led a high-level discussion centered around online processes for portals, their importance, and when and where they could be used, also highlighting the ethical concerns around it. Megan and Ajay spoke extensively on the use of AI, it's functioning and the benefits of being early adopters of this change. Ajay then went on to explain the reasons why technology is so hard and iterative, he elaborated with statistical data that even for the rare geniuses ( only 3.5% of the population) 66% of technology projects (based on the analysis of 50,000 projects globally) end in partial or total failure. While larger projects are more prone to encountering challenges or failing altogether, even the smallest software projects fail one in ten times and so as RCIC’s the key to success is to practice patience with iterations. Megan elaborated on the reasons why and how Canada benefits by bringing in the best minds and why we should make business immigration a priority.

The discussions on these strategies and solutions provided practical and meaningful insights for all participants on how we can shape the way we conduct our business in today’s rapidly changing environment and for the future.

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