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Canada Startup Company is an integrated venture studio that works under a tripartite agreement with RCICs, immigration lawyers, and clients to provide co-creation, consultancy, and application processing assistance services to high-potential entrepreneurs who are immigrating to Canada through Canada’s business immigration programs.

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    Once we start on your case, all your payments come to our trust account and stay there until we achieve success for you. We work alongside RCICs and immigration lawyers to assist with business ideation and incubator application processing while RCICs or immigration lawyers work on filing for Canadian permanent residence.

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    While an upfront payment is agreed upon in the retainer agreement, all payments are made in a step-by-step manner. See your case progress happen as you pay.

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    We understand that the process of starting a business is riddled with legal procedures. At Canada Startup Co., we understand the law and take proactive steps to ensure your company’s legalities are in order and that you are personally protected.

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  • Integrated Services

    Startups need developers, mentors, contracted lawyers, intellectual property professionals, accountants, and more. Our teams partner you with professionals in a seamless and integrated manner to foster efficient business processes.

  • Ecosystem Connections

    Connecting people is our motto. We connect fantastic and talented entrepreneurs with prolific investors and help people develop and scale their ideas into profitable businesses with vision and execution.

  • Rapid Delivery Teams

    When it comes to businesses, speed is of the essence. We follow the startup credence of agility and efficiency to our core. Our teams are trained to ensure rapid delivery for our clients.

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    Program Compliance

    We only work with the best. Our resident experts are leaders in their niches and are prominent figures in their industry. They are decorated consultants and are even called upon by the Government and various corporations to help create and maintain regulations.

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    Advanced Ideation

    With our high-performing system of domain experts and rapid delivery teams, our partners can help you envision a realistic image of the future of the economics of your industry and help you create a practical roadmap for your next billion-dollar idea.

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    High Net-Worth Investment Management

    Investing in high-potential ventures? You needn’t worry about managing people, companies, or your finances! We provide full-fledged consultancy services ranging from investment reports, business assessments, and risk analysis for all ventures.


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What is Business Immigration?

What is Business Immigration?

Business Immigration programs are special provisions designed to attract individuals and business owners with small- and medium-scale business and senior managerial experience who can contribute to Canada’s economy. If you’re looking to invest in Canada or are interested in starting and acquiring a company in Canada, there are various opportunities for you to choose from.

You can apply for different business immigration programs including, the Federal Startup Visa Program, Owner-Operator Program, Provincial Nominee Program or Intra-Company Transfer Program.

The Government of Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant individuals and entrepreneurs who possess the skills, talent, and potential to start and scale innovative businesses in Canada. The individuals should:

  • Be innovative;
  • Be knowledgeable;
  • Be able to create jobs for Canadians;
  • Should be able to compete on a global scale

So, do you have a creative business idea? If you can get the support for your ideas and plans from any one of the designated organizations, you may be able to gain access to the Start-up Visa Program and can immigrate under it.


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